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Jaja - Ascend

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  1. Nov 28,  · Jaja presents her new album, HERE, as the second of two parts of the “My Galaxy” cycle that began with TALIS. On this part, Jaja is focused on travelling into the deep dark realms of the cosmos. On this part, Jaja is focused on travelling into the deep dark realms of the cosmos/5().
  2. Ascend, the second album from Cyan Music co-founder Jaja (Jana Rockstroh), merges ancient motifs and outer space soundscapes into a wonderful musical journey through lost times and places. This album includes a collection of twelve cinematic ambient stories that leads you from the infinite depths of space back to our beautiful home planet, Earth.
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  4. Jaja – Ascend “Ascend” is the second solo album by the German musician Jaja (Jana Rockstroh), and is released on the netlabel she co-founded, CYAN Music; its predecessor “Oum”.
  5. Jan 21,  · drop星星tear (上海) 是jijijiji不是jjjjj嘛?~ jiji复jiji~~jaja 一次和一个西班牙人聊msn,她发的表情就是jaja,jeje,jiji,三种 jaja是大笑哈哈,jeje是中度笑呵呵,jiji是微笑,类似于嘻嘻吧.
  6. Jul 28,  · Jaja makes music that sound as if she has travelled the space ways, heard systems come on line, been aware of the change in a engines note as it goes from normal to hyper drive. The sounds reflect the vastness of the cosmos and it’s power and beauty, thank you Jaja/5(98).

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